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DIY Christmas 2016

Christmas is finally over! I am so ready for life to go back to normal.

Except I probably will go ahead and start on next year’s gifts to see if somehow that will make next year less stressful. Need some gift ideas yourself? Here are seven tried DIY presents.

Crochet Minecraft Creeper Hat: I have a harder time shopping for boys than I do for girls, however most of the boys I know are really into Minecraft right now. This project was relatively pretty simple and the results are really cute!  Directions here


Crochet Pikachu Hat: Pokemon Go was a huge deal this year, and while I never got on the bandwagon, DH and a lot of his buddies were. The given pattern only comes in a children’s size, but can be reasonably altered to fit an adult by following the beanie pattern for the Minecraft hat. Directions here

pikachu hat

My Little Pony Hat (Fluttershy): I’m friends with a brony, and finding a pattern for a My Little Pony hat that wasn’t child sized was difficult, so I ended up taking pieces of different patterns. I used the same beanie pattern for the Creeper hat, took the ears from here, and the eyes and hair from these YouTube tutorials. This was the most time consuming of all the hats I made, but the end result was so cute and this could so easily become any of the ponies, just by changing up the colors.

Fluttershy hat

Mermaid Tail Blanket: My housemate is really into mermaids and is almost always freezing. Needless to say, she was ecstatic. This project wasn’t very difficult, easy to customize, but was very time consuming, and not one that I would recommend for a first time crocheter. Directions here 


Bath bombs: Since I am still relatively new at my job, I was pretty unsure of what my coworkers would like, and I wanted their presents to be quick and easy to make. Bath bombs are all the rage right now and are surprisingly inexpensive to make as well. If you don’t have the molds, you can use an ice cube tray to make mini bombs. Directions here.

Sugar scrubs: Sugar is surprisingly much better for your skin than it is for your insides. Sugar scrubs make fantastic DIY gifts because they are so easy to make and generally use ingredients you already have at home. I start with 2 parts sugar to one part oil (olive, coconut, and avocado oil work really well for this; I’d stay away from canola or vegetable oils though), adjust until desired consistency is reached, add essential oils or vanilla for scent, and then you are done!

Cat toys: My cat is so spoiled, and is currently in that crazy energetic and destructive, not quite a cat but not a kitten anymore. He has favorite toys that we rotate through, and I found some fun tutorials for diy toys to give him some extra variety.

Have any favorite DIY presents I didn’t include on this list? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!