Holiday Treat Challenge: Valentine’s day edition

I love chocolate covered strawberries! I was going to pick some up for Valentine’s day until I saw the price tag.

$5.99 for 4 chocolate covered strawberries. That’s almost $1.50 per strawberry! Needless to say, I left with a pound of strawberries and some chocolate chips instead. You might be thinking that the supplies to make the chocolate covered strawberries would be more expensive since I had to buy a whole pound of strawberries. Well, I paid…

$2.99 for the pound of strawberries, which had around 20 strawberries. (Where I live strawberries can be as cheap as $1.99 per pound if they are in season and not marked up for the Valentine’s day.)

$2.29 for a bag of mini chocolate chips; I only ended up using around half of the bag. This totals…

$5.28 for 20ish chocolate covered strawberries or around $0.27 per strawberry with half a bag of mini chocolate chips left! I paid less for 20 homemade chocolate covered strawberry than 4 store bought ones would have cost. Considering, that melting the chocolate and dipping the strawberries took less than half an hour, I’d say this was well worth the effort.

What is your favorite Valentine’s day treat? Wondering how much you could save by making it yourself? Let me know in the comments below!!

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